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Wordpress.org vs JoyBird

WordPress, often hailed as the web's most popular content management system (CMS), has become synonymous with website creation and management.

But with great power comes great complexity, and that's what we're here to explore.

It is critically important to understand that Wordpress comes in 2 flavors.

There is Wordpress.com, which is the for-profit hosted blogging corporation, with over 2000 employees.

On the other hand, Wordpress.org is the open-source / free software for blogging, which you need to install and maintain on your own web hosting.

This Feature Comparison is between Wordpress.org (the open source blogging software you install yourself) and JoyBird (the fully managed website builder with hosting included automatically).


The open-source / free blogging software you install and manage yourself.


The modern, user-friendly website builder, with hosting included.


Can use custom domain. With "Powered by JoyBird" branding.
$9 / month
Can use custom domain. Unlimited pages, users, and traffic.
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Estimated Costs

  • $1,000 - $20,000 for developers and designers to customize Wordpress
  • $500 a year for plugins, for functionality not available in the basic Wordpress software
  • $100 - $2,500 a year for web hosting
  • (Optional) We design custom themes for $500.
  • $0 for plugins, all functionality is included by default.
  • Free plan available, $99 a year for Pro plan hosting.


  • Tricky to install and configure, unless you have programming abilities or have hired a developer.
  • Extremely easy to get started, no installation required.

Design Themes

  • Thousands of free and paid design themes to install.

Managing Your Website

  • Admin dashboard to create, edit, and delete all website pages.
  • Admin dashboard to create, edit, and delete all website pages.

Website Performance

  • Website speed highly dependent on extra web hosting, costs an additional $20 - $200 per month.
  • Web hosting performance slows down as website traffic increases, using a traditional database-driven architecture.
  • Unlimited number of pages, users, and traffic. Served from a global CDN for fast page loading.
  • All websites are generated as static sites, meaning page loading times remain lightning-fast even as your website traffic increases.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Users often complain about the trouble they have upgrading plugins and troubleshooting security issues. Expect to spend 5 - 20 hours a month on software maintenance.
  • Automatic backups not included.
  • Uptime monitoring not included.
  • Customer Support highly variable, dependent on hosting company.
  • Users do not need to perform any upgrades or security monitoring as these are all handled automatically.
  • Nightly backups included in all plans.
  • Uptime monitoring every 30 seconds included in all plans.
  • Customer Support available via live chat in all plans.

Try JoyBird today for worry-free websites.

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