Media - Images, Videos, and other Files

All JoyBird websites support file uploads for:

  • Image files such as .png, .jpeg, .avif, .webp and other common image formats.

  • Video files such as .mpeg and .mp4 files.

  • Document files such as .pdf, .xls, .doc, and .csv formats.

Inserting Images and Videos Inline

One option for including media files is inline, within the main body of your page.

To do so, simply drag'n'drop any file into the Content Editor when you are typing the rest of your page content.

Photo Galleries

The other option for including images is in a dedicated Photo Gallery, which is specially-designed layout supported in most Themes.

This also supports dragging and dropping any file from your desktop, but in a dedicated section when editing a page - in the Related Objects section when editing any page.