Page Collections

Most of your website's content lives on individual pages.

If you want to group several of these together, you can do so by using tags to build Page Collections.

Some examples of grouping pages together might be:

  • Blog Categories, such as pages showing links to all blog posts in a particular category.

  • Product Categories, to group all products in the same category together.

  • Latest News, to publish all news articles.

To build these Page Collections, there are 2 separate steps:

  1. On individual pages - Add a tag to describe the page

  2. On your collection page - Select which tags to filter pages to include in this collection

Tagging Individual Pages

When editing any page, you can add an unlimited number of tags to each page.

Note: these tags may or may not be displayed to your website visitors, depending on your particular theme.

Selecting Tags for Your Collection

To build a collection, you will need a separate page for the collection.

This page should also be using a Collection Page Template for your theme.

From the Related Objects section, simply type any tags to automatically display links to pages for that tag.