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What is Markdown?

Markdown is a lightweight language that allows you to format plain text documents using a simple and intuitive syntax.

It was designed to be easy to write and easy to read, with a focus on readability and usability. Markdown documents can then be converted into HTML for seamless integration into web pages.

Basic Markdown Syntax

# Heading Level 1
## Heading Level 2

### Heading Level 3

**bold text**

*italicized text*

***bold and italicized text***

![image alt text](/path/to/image.webp)

> Blockquote

Ordered List

1. Item 1

2. Item 2

Unordered List

- Item 1

- Item 2



header 1 | header 2 
 --- | -- 
cell A1 | cell A2 

cell B1 | cell B2

Read the rest of Markdown syntax.

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