Here is the roadmap for the next few months as I'm shaping JoyBird into the user-friendly CMS with all the guac you need built in.

You should read this as a guide only - not only will specific features change based on your feedback, but the timelines will likely shift as building commences. πŸ—οΈ

I'm very much aware that building JoyBird into what I envision will take quite some time, but I'm here for it. πŸ’ͺ🏽

For more detail on what has been released, follow our Changelog.

  1. Proof of Concept Completed

    Demonstrate what a modern CMS can look like 🀞🏽

    Key Deliverables:

  2. Freepalooza Completed

    Release core features as free, standalone tools.

    Some examples:

  3. Prototype Completed

    As a beta tester, you will be able to create your own sites independently (and free too!).

  4. Integrations Galore In Progress

    Integrate JoyBird into existing tools, such as:

    • Website from Notion
    • Data from AirTable
    • Newsletter signup forms (eg Mailchimp)
  5. General Beta Release In Progress

    As a new user, you will be able to easily migrate from your existing CMS provider. Paid features will be enabled in this release.